Chilean Romance in La Ferme De Bossut

Pia and Piero contacted me a few months before their wedding. They had already arranged for a (very nice) venue and they had a photographer. For everything else, WonderWeddings came in the picture.

The story of Pia and Piero:

Pia and Piero met each other during their studies in their country of birth, Chili. They decided to do their docorate studies in Belgium. Of course, they wanted to do this together, as they were already madly in love. With a bit of luck (or was it fate?), they both got accepted at KU Leuven.

It’s not only their names that go very well together. They supplement each other in so many ways, and above all they’re two of the nicest people I ever met!

The Concept:

Pia and Piero wanted an ‘easy going’ wedding: not too classic, not too ‘stiff’. In other words: a WonderWedding. After changing the theme from ‘rustic’ to ‘rustic with some sophisticated details’, we fixed the theme colors on mint (in accordance with the bride her shoes) and purple. Because we worked with a modest budget, we had to get creative from time to time. I think the pictures below show that we made everything work out

The Venue:

The couple found this charming venue on The owner, Dominique, only allows a limited number of weddings per year, so they were very lucky to be able to organise their special day here. The farm (originally built in 1884) was renovated recently with some modern features. Events take place in the courtyard and the barn of the venue. The barn is renovated with new flooring and new toilets, the rest of the barn is still in its original state (think: raw bricks and visible wooden beams).

A little tip concerning the dresscode for events at this wedding: the paving of the courtyard is still in its original state, so heels are not recommended! 🙂

The biggest advantage about this venue is the freedom in terms of planning your event. Dominique had some furniture you can use, but you’re free to chose all the suppliers you want and she’s open to every concept.

The Catering:

Pia and Piero are both convinced vegetarians. As a lot of their friends and family are too, the decision to go for an ‘all veggie’ menu was easily made. After a careful analysis (and a lot of menu-translating-work) we decided to work together with Nori Events. The owner/ cook is a vegetarian himself, so this gave us a lot of confidence in the quality of the food. Nori works with an outside cooking plate (Ofyr), which was a plus, as the location does not have a kitchen.

The couple appreciated the efforts Nori did for chilean empanadas so much!

At 10pm i finally had some time to sit down and taste some of Nori’s food: it was A.MA.ZING (and this means something, coming from a meat-lover) 😉

The Styling:

Once we decided on the moodboard, WonderWeddings started buying and renting materials that fitted our theme. The Cross Back Chairs, light bulbs and zinc tiles from Sfeerlab were perfect for our ‘rustic, but refined’ angle. The purple and mint color scheme was translated in mint table clothes and purple glasses. As I did not find mint table clothes on the Belgian rental market, we cut and sewed them ourselves. You could say that my new styling motto is the following: IF I CANNOT FIND IT, I MAKE IT (with pleasure).

We added some mint-colored candles, purple buckets, mint strawls, purple vases for the centerpiece to get the mint-purple theme ‘on-point’

Of course,  I cannot forget to mention the importance of the flowers in this styling. We went with purple and white flowers, with touches of eucalyptus branches.

The Ceremony:

The ceremony was brought by the father of the groom and translated by WonderWeddings. The couple introduced some nice symbolic gestures into the ceremony. They started the ceremony with a ceremony of fire where the guests had to write their best wishes and their worst fears for the couple on a piece of paper. All the hopes were given energy and all the fears were devoured by the flames by throwing these papers into the fire pit.

After this gesture, guests got the opportunity to speak a few words to the couple. And during this part of the ceremony I noticed how loved the couple is!

The couple concluded  with wine-ceremony. During this gesture they enclosed their vows in a wooden box that contained a bottle of wine and two glasses. They closed this box with a lock after the vows were put in. The goal is to re-open the box in 10 years, consume the wine and renew their vows. How romantic is that, right?

For the decoration of the ceremony, WonderWeddings’ macramé backdrop was the centerpiece. I decorated it with the theme-flowers and some lanterns. The oak coffee-table was ideal to put the bridal bouquet, some candles and the wine-box! The coffee-table was finished with a hand-knotted macramé table runner.

Some nice details about this wedding:


The couple opted for self-service for the drinks. This way, we could save money for waiters and we stayed in the ‘easy going’ theme. We went for limo-taps with pisco sour and home-made lemonade during the reception, wine bottles and water on the tables during dinner and zinc tiles with ice for the sodas and special beers.


The bride did not want to throw away her wedding bouquet, in fact, she did not want to throw away any bouquet. And I cannot blame her: it’s such a shame to damage those beautiful flowers. So she worked out a special act around the bridal bouquet. We attached 13 ribbons around the bouquet (of course, they were in mint & purple). These 13 ribbons corresponded with the 13 unmarried ladies. The bride is handed the bouquet, a pair of scissors and is blindfolded (starts sounding dangerous, right?). The 13 ladies pull the ribbons tight and start turning around the bride.  The bride eliminates possible candidates to receive the bouquet by cutting ribbons. Because she is blindfolded and the maidens are moving around, she of course does not know who she is eliminating. The girl with the last ribbon gets the bouquet – in an undamaged state 🙂



This wedding was amazing thanks to the following suppliers:

Venue: La ferme de Bossut | Photography: Paulina (Polaphoto) | Catering: Nori events | Chairs: Sfeerlab | Menu-sign: Letters and Styling | Bridal Bouquet: Bloemen Hollands Hof | MUA: Sharina De Geest | Costume groom: De Witte Duif | Dress & shoes bride: La Coqueteria (Barcelona)

Planning, styling, decoration, flowers en coordination: WonderWeddings


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